Sunday, November 11, 2007

To whoop or not to whoop...

All the world is divided into those who spontaneously whoop during exercise class and those who don't. My experience suggests that those who know when and how to whoop appropriately during aerobics class become instructors, and the rest of us are the silent followers. When my instructor whoops, I feel we should respond in kind to make her feel like we're right with her having fun. But alas, if you have to think is this the right time to make a noise or if you practiced at home to achieve the right sort of noise, you should probably just keep your mouth shut.

I almost felt a joyful noise escape me at the top of the class this morning, but I worried that everyone would stop short and turn around to see who the heck made that stupid sound. In fact, I would have rather fallen off my step than dared a single whoop. I was once in a Jazzercise class where the lone whooper in the class made a high-pitched strangled cry, the sort of noise people make before they have a seizure. I prepared myself to handle this situation in a heroic, medical professional sort of way, but no one missed a step despite episodic gargles from our back row whooper.

Even some instructors ought to hold their whoops. I think Jazzercise instructors are specifically schooled in making enthusiastic vocalizations in Perkiness 101. One instructor at a local studio makes this affected little 'hoo-hoo' noise at regular intervals. If I ever hoo-hooed like that, my fellow classmates would surely dance a wide berth around me.

And this is how I passed my mental time during exercise class this a.m.

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Mauigirl said...

I would not be a whooper in an exercise class. I can barely breathe during an exercise class.

I like yoga. There is no whooping. But there is "oooommmm"ing. That I can do.