Sunday, November 04, 2007


At the risk of sounding like I've joined the lunatic fringe, this stuff is rather amazing. I've written to the manufacturer for information on human safety data before I wholeheartedly endorse its use.

I have noticed much improved alertness, notably first thing in a.m., after lunch when I struggle at times to stay awake as patients drone on and on and the fluorescent lights buzz softly, and in the evenings over the New York Times crossword puzzle. Most remarkably, I find my essential tremor much diminished.

Essential tremors often have a genetic basis with an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern. If one of your parents had shaky hands or head, there is a 50% chance that you will develop same as you age. It is called an action tremor because it is notable as you extend your arm in action such as using a pen or an eating utensil. Other kinds of tremor are called resting tremors (self-explanatory) or intention tremors that manifest at the end of an action such as pointing at something. The latter two kinds are commonly seen with Parkinson's Disease.

While essential tremors are relatively harmless, they certainly get in the way of everyday activities such as eating. Mine makes it very hard for me to remove sutures, especially teeny tiny ones in facial laceration. If I was a surgeon, I would probably not be a surgeon anymore.

I noted yesterday that the tremor in my left hand was much improved, and today I proved it by easily spooning tea to mouth without spilling or embarrassing myself in front of the cat who was the only one present to witness the experiment.

Prevagen? Coincidence? Psychosomatic tremor reduction? Time will tell. Meanwhile, as Prevagen works by binding calcium within the cell, I wonder about other calcium related duties such as building strong bones and keeping them that way. Do I lose my tremor AND my bone density? I'll let you know what Quincy Biosciences has to say on the subject.


Jean said...

good news

dorsey said...

Dude! high speed finally, will jelly fish be the personal dsl? (will I have to call India every couple of days if I keep taking this?) today was third day with the fish (hate them in person but I'm glad theyre not harmed to make this stuff) can't give an account yet, haven't noticed a big difference except some disconnect today. Hmm, maybe like a speed thing. Maybe alternate days will be better. I've had an internal tremor since the accident (your parkinson's comment makes me nervous) and so far it's still here.

How did you wake up after taking melatonin? 1.5 mg of that left me wiped out till noon. combo drugs makes it sound possible, but which others to give up? Maybe tart cherries in the oatmeal can be enough after all.

Femail doc said...

Dorsey: I've been waiting to hear your jellyfish impression, I was hoping that you'd report miraculous results.

I had to work my way up on melatonin; too much too soon left me befuddled the following day.

Everybody said...

Have you continued to use prevagen? Any changes or other observations? There's still not much information to be found on it other than advertising copy. Were you able to learn anything from the manufacturer?


Femail doc said...

Everybody: Yes, I'm still taking the Prevagen. While the benefits have toned down a bit, I still notice: 1) I am much wider awake in the evening and able to function well, 2) I continue to have less motion sickness, and 3) (this is the strange one) My tolerance to alcohol is much higher. Considering I had zero tolerance pre-Prevagen (one drink and I was so sleepy I could hardly keep my eyes open), the ability to have a glass of wine or a beer AND still enjoy the evening is huge. I know one other Prevagen user who noted the same thing insofar as she could drink more than she probably should and feel very clear-headed. This is an outcome that the manufacturer will never mention, nor should they! I no longer have any trouble sleeping.

I have a patient post-head injury who's noted much improvement in her functioning. Another, a graduate student, notes much improved performance with test-taking. And one other is very satisfied with her increased state of alertness.