Friday, November 23, 2007

Prevagen on sale

For those of you who've been intrigued by the jellyfish/brain connection and are considering giving Prevagen a try, is having a one-day sale today; a one month's supply for $40 plus an additional 25% off! That ends up half price compared with the Prevagen web-site.

I'm still impressed with the effects of this supplement. I continue to enjoy less fatigue, less tremor, and here's the newest benefit...or coincidence. I generally avoid alcohol as it makes me extremely tired, like end the evening now and go to sleep tired. Last night, I drank one glass of wine and had no sleepiness with it whatsoever (and this after entirely too much dessert with the T-day dinner!).


Mauigirl said...

OK, please tell me more about this jellyfish supplement. I must have missed your original post about it (just tell me the date and I'll go read it!). It helps with fatigue? I could use that. Is it supposed to prevent brain aging too? I'll try it!

Cilicious said...

I decided to try it, and ordered it from Amazon. Will report back.