Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chew on this

My dental hygienist and I understand each other perfectly. Carol knows not to pick at the sensitive spot near a lower left molar, and I promise not to smack her hands away while she probes. We do share a love of flossing, however, and here's her latest find.

Check out G.U.M. brand's Soft-Picks. These darling little bristled picks are the very thing; they make satisfying little squeaky noises as you drag an entire village of bacteria screaming from your gum line. The Soft-Pick motto? Healthy Gums, Healthy Life.

Indeed, research shows that poor dental health in middle-age raises the risk of end-of-life dementia by 30-40%. Swedish researchers followed sparsely betoothed women over 24 years, then compared their incidence of dementia with their toothsome colleagues. Tooth counts proved that those women with 9 or less at study's start were 5 times as likely to lose their marbles by study's end.

Floss on.


Jean said...

Oh, a patient who loves flossing - music to a RDH's ears:)
good post, as usual.

Mauigirl said...

I too am a floss addict. Twice a day, at least, and sometimes three times! I tend to get a lot of tartar so it's the only way I can deal.

Both my mom and aunt have a lot of missing teeth (being in their late 80's, dental care wasn't so good in the olden days). But I think the reason they are both mentally sharp is, even though they have lost quite a few teeth, they take care of their gums and get whatever treatment is recommended for any problems that come up, and they wear bridges/partials to keep chewing properly. Keeping infection and gum disease away must help ward off the bad effects, I would think.

Dee said...

I suppose wearing full dentures before age 60 doesn't bode well for my mental capacity in the next 10 to 20 years?