Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dressing like a doctor

Long-time readers know that more than a little thought goes into that sassy professional look I sport at work. From the time I finish hanging out in my robe, reading the paper and drinking my coffee, to the time I roll in the office door dressed more or less like a doctor and ready for action, some 35 minutes have passed. And most of them spent fretting over what to wear and what, once again, to do about my hair.

Imagine my delight when my medical partner called me the other afternoon to "Quick, put on Oprah! It's a show about us!" Indeed, Oprah was featuring middle-aged fashion disasters, including one poor soul whose ungrateful teenager called the fashion police on her. Well, Adele and I may be stuck in yesterday's Chico's, but at least we're not still wearing flowered mini-skirts or fishnet stockings. Oh wait, I never wore those, and neither did she.

Adele was so moved, she went for a makeover. No, that's not me up at the top of this post, it's her, and believe it or not, some of our patients can't tell us apart. And me? I just discovered that Tuesdays are Senior Half-Price Day at the local St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store.


rlbates said...

I sometimes watch the show "What Not to Wear". I think I fall into your line of dressing more than theirs. Oh well, we can't all dress like Diane Sawyer or Oprah--they have more "style" than I ever will.

Mauigirl said...

I know I am a middle-aged fashion disaster. It is what it is.... ;-)

At least I'm comfortable! No high heels for me! No tight pants for me!