Sunday, February 11, 2007

So little time, so many supplements. I read about something new every day to save the brain, protect the breasts, prolong the life. Unfortunately, I'm not finding much to hold up the joints but, as you know, I've finally figured out how to hold onto the hair.

Latest supplemental news--selenium (thank heavens, already take it)is good for brain health, and resveratrol adds extra years--or rather weeks--to the lives of mice who overeat. Scientists studied a group of middle-aged mice fully into the mature years at the ripe old age of one. All were put on a high-calorie diet, and half were supplemented with resveratrol, an anti-oxidant compound found in red grapes.

By the doddering old fool stage of 114 weeks, 58% of the group on lots of food alone were paws up in their cages compared with 42% of the supplemented group.

Lead author Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard is already taking resveratrol. But Dr. Rafael de Cabo of the National Institute of Aging (and Run-on Sentences) had this to say:

What we have shown in mice is very exciting, but it is too soon to rush out and start consuming large quantities of this compound, as there is no evidence that it works in humans as yet and very little is known about possible side effects.

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