Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Garlic redeemed

All right, I pulled it out of the trash and put it back on my shelf. Aged garlic extract may not lower my cholesterol, but fortunately, that is not one of my problems. Just a moment's research was all it took, however, to discover I've got a superoxide problem, and AGE may be a part of the answer.

Superoxide is an oxygen molecule in search of an electron, willing to rip apart any nearby compound to achieve atomic neutrality. That's a good thing when the body sends this bad boy out in search of invading microorganisms, but a bad thing if it's liberating iron into cells, thus rusting the fats in your brain and your bloodstream.

Enter superoxide dismutase, or SOD for short, an efficient enzyme that neutralizes superoxide in short order. And what increases SOD in the bod? AGE of course. The same stuff that caused halitosis, B.O., and flatuence in the clinical trial I mentioned in a previous post.

Hmm, rigorous physical exercise and melatonin also increase SOD. Maybe I'll do those things instead.

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