Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Got gas?

Many of my patients do. More than half of us lose our ability to digest milk sugar (lactose) because we no longer produce the needed enzyme to do so (lactase) after we are weaned. If you've got gas, consider losing all dairy in your diet for 2 weeks. In your dietary search for better bowel behavior, you may want to eliminate fruit as well; fructase, the enzyme that breaks down fruit sugar or fructose, was found lacking in up to 1/3 of persons with irritable bowel syndrome.

And if your elimination diet trials are fruitless, check out the web-site of Flat-D Innovations, Inc. (Charcoal Underpants?) Their line of activated charcoal underwear is medically proven to eliminate the odor of unwanted gas.

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EastCoastSeaGlass said...

I had to comment on this one!! I found out about two months ago.. the source of my "GOTTA RUN" It is Splenda! It was really getting bad. I only had it in my two cups of morning coffee and it was disrupting my whole day!
I figured if sugar free chocolate candy can do it..why not Equal and Splenda.. sure enough. I eliminate it and no more problems. There is a blurb about this and and new sweetener promising no more side effects in this month's Good Housekeeping magazine!