Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Greeks snooze and grow strong,

23,000 Greeks, some of them rested and some of them not, proved what toddlers and mothers have known for years--napping is good for your health. Mediterranean men and women who snoozed through the mid-day heat, enjoyed better cardiac health than those who napped not. And those dubbed 'systematic nappers,' drooling on desks or drooping in doorways for at least 30 minutes three afternoons per week, were 37% less likely to die of cardiac causes during a decade of follow-up.

So throw up your cubi-door on your cubicle and snap on the eye-shades. I'll write you a doctor's excuse.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dr....
I would love a work excuse for this. I think a afternoon nap would be wonderful!

Femail doc said...

I notice that a midwestern university has formed a nap club where students can snooze on chairs and air mattresses, and a 'moderator' will wake them up at requested time.

Maybe I should set aside one of our basement rooms as a nap club for adults, and then could truthfully write work excuses for those who kept their NC appointments at our office.