Monday, December 03, 2007

Imagine being stranded in a lifeboat off the coast of Antarctica. Worse yet, picture stuck in that bobbing craft in icy waters AND being terribly prone to motion sickness. Denver's own Unsinkable Molly Brown aka Kay Van Horne has been there done that. The story, as you may know from your local papers, ended well. And fortunate for Ms. Van Horne, her quick-thinking niece, also on the doomed ship, just so happened to have one tablet of Dramamine in her pocket.

My recent travel adventure--I just returned from a car trip to the desert southwest--was absolutely tame compared to this, but I share the same trip-destroying tendency towards wooziness as Van Horne. I set out with a supply of Dramamine to survive all those twisty canyon roads, but never even opened the box. Apparently, Prevagen* also prevents motion sickness, and without the sleepy side effects of Dramamine.
*If you missed the Prevagen post, check out my blog entry of 10/23/07. And note that Prevagen is on sale at off until the end of the year.


Mauigirl said...

I don't usually get carsick but am very prone to seasickness. If I'm on any kind of a boat, I need Dramamine!

JeanMac said...

I'm never motion sick but when I saw the news story - ice, length of time in cold water, etc. I think I had my first case of it. BTW, you should get paid for your promotion of Prevagen:) Everyone I've told has been very interested. Interesting about your lack of motion sickness on a road that could induce it. Good stuff.

dorsey said...

I had extreme motion sickness as a kid, am usually fine now if I'm in front. Also always trouble with lots of turns (dancing, e.g.) but otherwise thought I had very good innate balance. Are they controlled by the same ear bit? Because if this can give me back my balance, I'll send you a present every month (not really) and be very happy. At least it will be easy to tell if it's working, so I'll specifically watch for that. (due in a week or so, I think).

Femail doc said...

MG and JM, I can't even imagine setting out on a cruise given my motion sickness, much less a two week trip to Antarctica. And sick and scared on a lifeboat--what a nightmare!

Hmm, fruit-of-the-month or maybe orchid-of-the-month club Dorsey? I'd be delighted if just one part of your head injury trials were alleviated.