Sunday, December 09, 2007

Go East, young hamster

The 2007 IgNobel awards are out, and the winners in the aviation category are three Argentinian scientists who proved that hamsters on Viagra slipped more easily into an advanced light-dark cycle, the laboratory equivalent of a Californian jetting to New York City. As those of you know who've headed east into lighter later, the first day or two transition can be rough.

Eastbound travel is known to be more taxing on the body's biological clock than heading west. Various combinations of melatonin, coffee, sleep pattern changes, and bright artificial lights have been proposed to keep transatlantic travelers on their game. Now, it appears, this jazzed-up, furry little group has shown that raising levels of guanylyl cyclase and its related kinase along with other body functions raised by Viagra can improve your ability to jet east through time zones.


dorsey said...

Has this been replicated with diurnal animals? (or did they send the hamsters west?)
My real, pressing question: Do you still give viagra to your Christmas tree to keep it perky?

Femail doc said...

I completely forgot about hardening up the tree for the season. You've raised a good point; I'll post on that tomorrow.