Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fretting to my grave

Here I sit at the computer obsessively checking the conditions at Denver International Airport and the latest predictions from Frontier about the outlook for flight 448 to Philadelphia. Fret, fret, fret. Will my daughter even get over the river and through the woods to DIA? Once there, how is the line at security? Did they properly deice the plane? Will they take off on time? Will her driver, my husband, successfully navigate the icy round-trip on I-70 without mishap?

Took a break from flight checks to check the latest from Psychosomatic Medicine. Scottish docs did some checking of their own on middle-aged Brits with respect to anxious neurotic behavior and their tendency to pitch over dead. Those who fretted endlessly in their own neurotic way were 12% more likely to keel over from cardiovascular disease than those devil-may-care devils who flitted through life without worry.

Those who were extroverted, however, were less likely to die of respiratory disease. Perhaps the socially ept are less likely to smoke? What about those of us who are extroverted AND neurotic? No comment from the researchers on that.


Anonymous said...

This is your brother speaking. You, an extrovert?

Femail doc said...

Well shoot, discovered. I at least wanted to duck the respiratory diseases. I do enjoy talking with people, any people, just not in large groups at a party. Does that not qualify me for prolonged pulmonary protection?

Mauigirl said...

What about if you pop a Xanax anytime your anxiety levels rise? Would that help? LOL!

Thanks for your holiday wishes on my blog - hope you're enjoying your holidays too!

In regard to the revolving bookcase you saw in my pix, if you're really interested in getting one, I've seen lots like them in antique stores and I believe they also make new ones as well. If you're interested in finding one I'll see if I can find one on E-Bay for you! (I've bought antiques on E-Bay and it's worked out quite well!)

Best wishes in your fretting, I'm sure all will go well! And I agree with you on the talking thing. I love small groups and talk quite freely in that atmosphere but if it's a huge party with a lot of people I don't know, I'm not crazy about it. So far I don't have any pulmonary diseases, knock wood!

JeanMac said...

You sound like a very "normal" Mom to me - it takes one to know one. Safe travels for her.
We had a great Christmas and hope you got some rest.

dorsey said...

I too was surprised to read your extrovert assessment, but thinking about it I could see it. I think of extroverts as talkers, though, and you seem to be more of a listener. Or do you have bruises on your tongue from biting it all day? Maybe you're borderline, depending on mood, circumstance, and level of anxiety.

I've heard you can get COPD inhaling fumes from just-opened bags of microwave buttered popcorn. As long as you're not doing that, I doubt you'll get respiratory ailments. (too many other things to choose from). Hope daughter made it safely home.

Elaine said...

I'm right there with you when it comes to worrying about kids flying home especially when you live in a snow climate! Hope she got home safe and sound.

Enjoy your visit :-)