Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fun facts about fingers

If you're wondering whether or not your male acquaintances are mathematically inclined and interpersonally challenged, have them give you the finger. No, not that finger, rather two fingers--index and ring--and more specifically, check the length of the former compared with the latter. Now of course if you need to measure finger lengths to figure out whether or not your man friend relates well to others, perhaps you'd better measure your own fingers.

In the 'whoever thinks of these studies' category of studies, researchers theorized that the length of the 4th finger, which apparently correlates well with testosterone levels in a man's remote embryological life when he first came to life in his mother's womb, might predict male traits such as strong visual/spatial talents but weak people skills. They measured a host of 2nd:4th finger ratios, and found that those men whose ratios were less than or equal to .98 (meaning 4th finger looms larger than 2nd) did indeed score high in math but couldn't read non-verbal cues.

The exaggeration of these traits (male intellect to the max) is autism, although the researchers did not measure the digits of autistic persons. Women tend to have 4th fingers equal to 2nd in size, but when they don't, no predictions as to mathematical or relationship skills can be made. This finger length stuff is totally a guy thing.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't there some kind of study about a year ago that said something about lesbians having a smaller index finger then their 4th finger? Or something like that.
Being an older lesbian I wish I could have that information years ago. Why, it just might have been more reliable than Gaydar.