Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dressing like a doctor, Part III: Eyebrows and Exercise

I've mentioned in two previous posts my difficulties in achieving that look of professional insouciance, particularly when I have zero fashion sense whatsoever.

I recently saw an article on the well-groomed brow, not sure where, Good Housekeeping perhaps? This model had impeccably shaped eyebrows, lush and burnished. I neglected to note how she achieved them, but thought perhaps just a touch of brown color would take mine there.

Think Frida Kahlo with a stethoscope. No one actually was so bold as to ask me what the heck happened to my eyebrows, but then again the only two people who actually take notice of my appearance--Jean at my office and my daughter--weren't there to check the look. I've decided to chuck that look.

In a second fashion foray, I sought a new outfit for exercise class, no more wearing my son's cast-off t-shirts. I found the perfect accessory in the Univ. of Northern Colorado bookstore as I whiled away two days at freshman orientation pretending I did not know my son. For his sake.

A perky little Northern Colorado tee, gray with blue lettering, just the match for my sassy, blue exercise capris. Even if my co-exercisers did not mistake me for a co-ed, surely they'd think me a physician in the know.

Damn, I don't know how the college girls fit in these tees. I bought the large size and spent the entire class today tugging it down in front. I'm going to send the shirt to my daughter and resurrect Mike's hand-me-downs out of the ARC bag.

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