Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Greetings create a first impression that may extend far beyond what is conventionally seen as 'bedside manner.'
--Gregory Makoul, PhD, Northwestern University

In the 'what-will-they-study-next' category of medical research, this Chicago group set out via telephone to discover how patients would like to open that first appointment with a new physician.

They found that "415 survey respondents reported that they wanted the physician to shake their hand, 50.4% wanted their first name to be used when physicians greeted them, and 56.4% wanted physicians to introduce themselves using their first and last names."

Well score, score, and score. Been there and do that, all that, every time a new patient arrives at the office. My medical partner and I always troop out to the waiting room to meet and greet. And now its medically proven to work!

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