Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wise words from an orthopedist

My patient was worried about her knees. Pain prevented her from getting down into a squatting position. Shoot, I haven't been able to do a deep knee bend for years, but I certainly could relate to fretting over aging joints. So I sent her off to Western Orthopedics where she met with Dr. Raj Bazaz.

He checked out her knees and declared them fit for service for years to come. His best advice to her? Don't do deep knee bends.

She was delighted with the visit.


Ruth said...

Good advice for sure. She needs to keep her knee flexibility and strength, but in a non-weightbearing position. People in some cultures maintain the ability to sit in a squatting position because they do it daily. (Just try to use a toilet that is a hole in the floor if you cannot squat!)

Mauigirl said...

Sounds like my doctor, whom I adore. I forget if I told you this, I came back from a trip to Boulder, CO to see my sister, and told my doc that I'd had heart palpitations whenever I was above 5000 feet elevation for very long (my sister's house was at 8000 feet; if we went down to city of Boulder, at 5000 feet, I was fine).

She said that people weren't meant to live at that altitude and her solution was "Don't go there." I loved it.