Monday, March 24, 2008

What's going around, March, 2008

What better way to pass the viral misery than to think of ways to corrupt other people's songs. Too sick to sleep, too sick to read, too miserable to watch TV, here's my creation:


(Croaked to the refrain of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now")

I've looked at croup from both sides now,
As doc and victim, still somehow,
It's cough/chills/aches that I recall,
I've got no time for croup, at all.


Ruth said...

You predicted this in your Feb 15th post. Hope you are resting and listening to your own advice.
We are experiencing an outbreak of Influenza A in the local nursing homes in our city right now. There were no outbreaks all winter until this month. Perhaps the fall immunizations are wearing out.

rlbates said...

Nice verse, but sure hope you feel better now.

JeanMac said...

Sorry to hear - get well soon. In our area, the 'flu is really bad now.

dorsey said...

I hope you're seeing crammed toes because you're better, and that the cough doesn't last more than a month. What's up with that? haven't had a malingerer like this for ages.

On the positive side, you might have a career as a lyricist if you tire of sick people.

dorsey said...

( I know the cough can last forever--that was a rhetorical what's up)