Thursday, March 27, 2008

"My little toenail looks gross!"

I came back in the room after my patient was dressed for the last word on her physical. She had shoes and socks off, a sure sign that she'd just remembered some foot issue.

Her toenail did indeed look gross. The toenail was split all the way down, and the skin around it was heavily calloused. Not a wart, as she theorized, but the result of narrow shoes smashing her 5th toe beneath her 4th.

I asked her to stand up with her bare foot next to her stylish brown leather heels. There was no relationship whatsoever between the shape of her foot and those lovely stilettos. I indicated my stumpy black Merrill's, suggesting that a better match between shoe shape and foot would heal up that toenail. Not only was the shoe too narrow, but the height of the heel was forcing her forefoot to be solidly crammed into the pointy toe.

She stopped short of gagging at my footwear choice and agreed to seek a more practical shoe.


Mauigirl said...

LOL, I am always amazed at people who value the style of their shoe over their comfort!

Arcopedicos and Drew shoes for me. Haven't tried Merrill's but will look into them!

JeanMac said...


rlbates said...

I think jeanmac's comment is perfect.

Dr. Smak said...

C'mon girls, you CAN have it both ways!

Cilicious said...

You can *sort of* have it both ways if you're like me, and shop for wide stylish shoes as a hobby. My closet is a veritable advertisement for wide footwear: Riekers, Merrells, Munros, Mephistos, Naot etc etc. (Some of those Drews look nice, Mauigirl.)
However, no matter how wide the footbed, my bunions, the result of genetics rather than being squished into narrow stilettos,are never going to be eye candy.

Reality Man said...

Got these for Tobi: Unexpectedly erotic. "As well a well-wrought urn becomes
The greatest ashes, as half-acre tombs"