Saturday, September 02, 2006

Your acne will go away after you get your first period."
--Dr. R, my pediatrician, 1962

Hah! Dr. R, perhaps my memory is shot ( perhaps about that) because maybe you actually told me that my acne would finally go away when my periods stopped. Which it did.

You also told me to stop drinking milk. To heck with the state of my skeleton in the decades to come, stop drinking milk you said. So I did. At least in that respect, you were correct, and over 48,000 female nurses have proven you so.

The Nurses Health Study II did a retrospective study correlating severe acne with consumption of dairy products during the high school years. Investigators found that total milk intake, specifically skim, was associated with an increased incidence of zits. They theorize that this may be the result of hormones and other 'bioactive' molecules in milk.

Bioactive. Great.

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