Monday, September 18, 2006

Bowels don't like to be touched

And believe me, abdominal surgery is a very 'hands-on' sort of experience. As a result, as well you know if you've ever undergone any such procedure, bowel action stops short. In fact, the reawakening of the bowels puts a whole new meaning on the term 'gas pains.'

Research from Japan and California supports a new concept in post-op recovery: "Three sticks a day makes the gas go away." Surgeons on both sides of the Pacific proved in separate studies that gum chewing at regular intervals after bowel surgery can much improve a patient's flatus status.

Working over a piece of gum shaved as much as a day off the time to the first post-surgical passage of gas or any other moving productions. The first feelings of hunger were also accelerated in the gum chewing group, and, best of all, two days were eliminated from the total length of the hospital stay.

The librarian at my elementary school used to recite (as she dispatched us to the principal's office): A gum-chewing girl and a cud-chewing cow, what is the difference? I see it now. It's the intelligent look on the face of the cow. Well take that Miss Marye; gum-chewing is indeed a moo-ving experience!

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