Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Occasionally while bouncing around at the 'top of the curve' which is Jazzercise-speak for that hot, sweaty, heart-pounding place at peak heart rate, I wonder if I'm not just a little too old for this.

So reassuring then to read in the Journal of the American Medical Association last month that the risk of pitching over dead as a woman at the 'top of the curve' is 1 per 36.5 million hours of vigorous exertion. This based on drop-dead data from thousands of aging nurses participating in the Nurses Health Study. Of the 84,888 female health professionals followed over 18 years, only 288 met with a sudden, unexpected demise. The good news for those of us exploring the top of our curve, however, is that only 9 of them did so while participating in hot sweaty, exertion.

With that reassurance, I invite those of you in Denver to meet me at the Jazzercise studio at Colfax and Elizabeth for the 10:15 Saturday a.m. Cardio-Quick class. If you introduce yourself and make it through the class alive, I'll buy you a wonderful high fat Starbucks treat.

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