Saturday, May 27, 2006

Digestive Diseases Week 2006 has sadly come to a close. If you missed it, this yearly gathering of gastroenterologists met last week in Los Angeles.

One presentation by St. Louis investigators from Washington University confirmed previous research that type 2 diabetics are at a higher risk for colon polyps of the precancerous variety. Dr. Jill Elwing reported that adult diabetics, specifically women, were found to have a 2- to 3- fold increased risk of lower intestinal tumors. She concluded: "The most clinically significant impact of this finding is that diabetics should undergo colon-cancer screening because of their increased risk for colon polyps."

We're continuing to run Saturday a.m. colon screenings for women at the Rose Endoscopy Clinic. Check out colonoscopies do not knock your socks off, then call my office to schedule yours.

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