Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ketek vs. the liver
Over a week into my recent illness, I finally gave in and started antibiotics. I felt awful from a secondary sinus infection and, like so many of you, I didn't "have time to be sick." Who does? I've seen at least ten patients this week with urgent needs to get well, including pending trips, visits from out-of-town guests, elderly relatives who need help but don't need to catch the illness, and upcoming high school graduations.

So it's especially disturbing to me that the very antibiotic that turned my corner with no side effects is now under fire from the FDA for reports of liver failure. Now how bad is that...liver failure?!? I'd rather have sinusitis than liver failure. There are only twelve reports of this side effect amongst many, many satisfied Ketek-takers such as myself. Still that's twelve people who wish they'd muddled through whatever infection they didn't have time for, and four of them aren't wishing anything anymore as they died.

This is just a reminder to me and you that these are potent medications that we're asking for in the middle of our busy lives.

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