Thursday, September 10, 2009

H1N1 vaccine--one dose will do!

This just released today on the New England Journal of Medicine web-site. Results from the H1N1 vaccine trials indicate that one dose of the soon-to-be-released shot results in a good response from most adult subjects. Furthermore, no serious adverse effects occurred--just the usual sore arm and the vague flu-ish sort of feeling that is commonly occurs as a result of the immune reaction to the shot.

Vaccine demand is expected to exceed supply through the fall, so this one shot news is good news indeed.


Anonymous said...

I am not positive, but I think I may have already had this, and treated it with alternatives....
I hope it is this treatable and 'mild'

Anonymous said...

I have to remember back to what happened in 1976 when the officials tried to get everyone to get a swine flu shot;
I was in 4rth grade, I was healthy kid doing well in school -after they lined us up for that swine flu shot? Dark circles appeared under my eyes, and my childhood pictures with me smiling became few. I started having learning disabilities that stayed with me all through high school. I was unable to read a paragraph and remember what I just read. I also developed multiple health problems, severe allergies and asthma. My parents would have to rush me to the hospital in the middle of the night because I couldn't breath.
Now I find out that the same ingredients that were in that vaccine are in this new one, including a large dose of the neuro toxin Thermisel(Mercury), which has strong ties to autism.
In my opinion, if your wondering wither or not to vaccinate you or your kids, all that needs to be seen is the CBS 60 Minute expose on what happened in 1976. This has happened before. Google it. More people died from that vaccine than the flu, and thousands sued for damages and won billions. This time, the US Gov has granted legal immunity to the vaccine makers...I think that says something.
And I'm very suspicious that there is a LOT that the media is not reporting on, like the tried and tested -and dangerous ingredient "squalene" which is in this vaccine. Why is it there? You can Google what it does to people.
Where is this big emergency? Why is this normal flu season being spun into something its not?
My pre 1976 school pictures say it all. No way will I be scared or bullied into this, and no way will my kids be vaccine guinea pigs and have their lives ruined or worse for some financial or other agenda.