Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Denver Doc now on Twitter

I've made the technological leap to Twitter for those medical pearls of wisdom from me to you that fit in 140 characters or less. No updates on my dentist appt. or the weather here in Denver, just good health-related information from reliable sources. This blog will continue to be published on a regular basis as well.

If you're interested in Twitter updates from Denver Doc Online, you can sign-up at
www.twitter.com/docofages. Thanks!


kenju said...

I don't do twitter, but if you're on Face book, I'll friend you there.

Anonymous said...

The good news for those of us too inept, lazy or both to figure out what the h*** Twitter is, is that you will have great difficulty staying within the word limit and thus be compelled to continue posting here! I should add another category to the non-twittering community: those who may be really, really sick of hearing about celebrity twittering. Haven't they been twittering for years anyway. . . I better stop, this is making me sound like an old battle axe. Twitter away!

femail doc said...

Hi KJ: Yeah I'm on Facebook though I'm not completely sure why. I do like seeing photographs posted there, but I just don't get these quizzes on what sort of dog or which supreme court justice would you be if you happened to turn into a dog or a justice.

Anon: That 140 character limit is the challenge I love on this Twitter thing. I, the master of adjective overuse and run-on sentences, actually look forward to the daily challenge of coming in under the limit, and especially satisfying is hitting 140 on the nose!