Friday, January 02, 2009

"Shampoo your hair, not your body"

It's dry skin city here in Denver year-round but especially in winter when the air is cold as well. As a result, I see any number of patients with bizarre skin rashes that look icky and infectious but are the result, rather, of too much hot water and not enough moisturizer.

This skin care tip comes from Dr. Jeffrey Benabio's The Dermatology Blog. He notes that shampoo is specifically designed to remove oils from your hair and will do the same to your skin. Rather than lather yourself like an Irish Spring commercial with rich shampoo bubbles (or soap bubbles for that matter), check out his other tips on this post and the rest of his blog.


kenju said...

Thanks for the link! I have added it to my bloglines list.

My former dermatologist (he's retired now) told me not to shower more than every other day in winter, since I already have very dry skin (no matter how much water I drink). I don't wash my hair more than every other day either, except in summer. I do put conditioner on it, however.

Cilicious said...

Before I left Denver, my then-dermatologist threatened to take away one of my swim-day showers, because I got eczema every winter.
It's hard to be a swimmer in Denver when you already have dry skin.

Cilicious said...

I bookmarked the Dermatology Doc too.