Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Caffeine-induced hallucinations

Psychologists at Durham University in the UK polled students there about their caffeine intake as it related to hearing voices, seeing things or people that weren't there, or the predisposition to out-of-body experiences. Turns out, the more coffee (or tea) you quaff, the more likely you are to have paranormal encounters.

Study author Dr. Simon Jones allowed, however, that these result might simply indicate that "People who tend to see or hear things may just be more naturally prone to drink a lot of coffee."

Do you see dead people at Starbucks? If you're the sort--and I certainly am-- who enjoys other people's surveys, log-on to Caffeine Questionnaire . The researchers are still collecting data on close encounters of the caffeinated kind.

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dorsey said...

The number of my hallucinations tends to be in inverse proportion to my caffeine intake (more coffee = fewer things flying around) so I answered the questionnaire but it wasn't fun, mostly about paranoia and hearing voices, etc.