Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reflected glory

If they look good, I look good. I always get a warm glow from comments such as "I want to thank you for sending me to Dr. X. He/she was fantastic." So here's some of the specialists who made me look like a hero this past week:

Oncologists Drs. Kerry Fisher and Deb Cook (both of whom get the special award for that 'send 'em right over' attitude), dermatologist Dr. Migs Muldrow, Dr. Raj Bazaz who must be the world's nicest person as well as an excellent orthopedist as everyone loves him, and surgeon Dr. Stephanie Miller. And a special mention to neurologist Dr. Don Smith who not only saw one of my patients very promptly but sent me a four page consultation report complete with a discussion from the latest medical literature as to why he was recommending that which he recommended!

1 comment:

Jean said...

Their cooperation is a credit to your standing in their opinions of you!Nice when it works like that, though, eh?
Like your new pic:)