Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh dear, do those of you who 'fessed up as fans of For Better or Worse, and Funky Winkerbean feel a little drained this a.m.? What a way to start the day: tragicomics!


Ruth said...

I hadn't read the paper yet and rushed to get it when I saw this post. My daughter, Elizabeth and her twin sister are 25 today. Our girls grew up with the Pattersons and their Elizabeth. I liked the fact that people got older and life changed. Not all changes are happy!

Femail doc said...

Have you heard that Lynn Johnson (Johnston?) planned to stop the strip this year, but has been successfully urged to continue through '08? How can she retire when we're all waiting to see what happens next and next and next?

Mauigirl said...

Oh, I didn't know Lynn Johnston was thinking of stopping! I hope not! I'm glad she's going to keep going at least another year.

I feel bad for Iris and of course for the father...especially after the whole retrospective of when Elly was first married and she and the kids were with the grandparents when they were younger.

I read while I was at Cape Cod that the author of Funky Winkerbean plans to skip forward 10 years after the death of Lisa, and start a whole new phase of the characters' lives, and bring in some new characters. I remember when he first aged the characters out of high school in a similar way.

It was very sad when Lisa slipped away. It's hard reading about this because we lost a good friend to cancer a few years back. She was a lot like Lisa - very brave.

Femail doc said...

I have no recall of the fast forward from high school to child-rearing days for Funky and company. I swear I'm going to have to give it up if Batiuk doesn't get to this next fast forward fast. Starting everyday weeping over some comic character is crazy. I guess I'm a little tightly wound lately.