Sunday, July 22, 2007


One of the benefits of aging is the end, finally!, of acne. That doesn't mean that zits are not a topic of discussion in the household here, so I read with interest that a new twofer gel is available for those of us young enough to still breakout.

When I got my first zit, unkindly pointed out by Susan Millicent on a 6th grade field trip, the best my pediatrician had to offer was a suggestion to leave soapsuds on my face for a minute each evening. Red and scaly became the order of the decade, whether from soapsuds, sunlamps, or Retin-A. No matter the cause, though, red and scaly always preferable to pustules.

Enter lyrically labeled Ziana. Google Ziana, and you will find she will read your Tarot cards OR it will cure your acne. Per Dr. Wortzman of Medicis Pharmaceuticals, the gel version was more effective and produced less erythema and skin scaling as well as patient-reported burning and itching in clinical trials than use of its component parts. "Very little skin irritation," says he.

Ziana combines the antibacterial punch of topical clindamycin with the zit-digging power of tretinoin (Retin-A). Pricey though per one dude on

Well guys...ixnay on the Ziana. I just found out that not only does it cost $250 WITH the $35 rebate the derm gave me, but that my parent's health care plan won't cover it because it's too damn expensive!!!


Mauigirl said...

I always found the good old (much cheaper) Clearasil worked just fine!

Femail doc said...

If Clearasil sufficed, must not have been much of a case of acne. I would've used battery acid on mine if I could exchange zits for scales.

Mauigirl said...

You are right, I didn't have severe acne. But what I did have went on for what seemed like forever! I remember my dad asking me "Aren't you a little old to still be getting pimples?" (I was 27 at the time). Thanks, Dad...

I did vanquish it by faithfully putting Clearasil on every day for a month before my wedding so as not to have a zit on my wedding day! So that is why I said Clearasil worked.

Femail doc said...

I worried that I would have a big zit on my daughter's high school graduation day. Pediatrician had assured me that zits would exit when I got my first period.

Try last period!

seventeen_at_heart said...

well, if aging does get rid of spots I'll be grateful.
I suffer with spots pre-menstrually (and with a 21 day cycle, now, that means there's hardly a time that I am free from them):(
It's usually only a few, (troublesome ones, which have spoiled my skin which is also dry now, and has hypo-thyroid courseness around the outer cheeks and jawline) but considering I've had them from 13 to now 48, then I've had enough.
I found out only a couple of years ago that there is some link to underactive thyroid (which I was diagnosed with in '91).