Friday, July 13, 2007

Practicing what I preach

Well it wasn't exactly stalking a saber-tooth tiger across the tundra. But it was a whole lot like air-boxing to overloud music with a bunch of women half my age.

I've signed up for a trial membership at 24-Hour Fitness, and went today to their Turbo Kickboxing class. Very humbling--I consider myself fit enough, but these women, especially the buff little instructress, have taken fit to entirely new levels.

Here's wise words by FW Booth from the Journal of Physiology:

In sedentary cultures, daily physical activity normalizes gene expression towards patterns established to maintain the survival in the Late Paleolithic era.

The cute little membership rep asked me what my goals were for my 24 Hour Fitness work-outs. I told him "Staying alive," and I meant it.

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