Sunday, March 25, 2007

Drug pens

These are actually part of my problem, the scads of cheap pens I get from drug companies. On average, they're not handing out roller balls, but rather the low cost type that takes an extra push from my index finger to keep the ink flowing evenly.

Do these pens buy my loyalty to the company's product? Are you kidding? I agree with Dr. Thomas Stossel of Harvard as he speaks out against the Prescription Project, a multi-million dollar initiative funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts to squelch pharmaceutical influence on doctors:

I'm not going to fall on my sword for pizzas and pens. If doctors in practice are too dumb to figure out that when a drug rep takes him out to play golf that the rep is trying to sell him something, we're in trouble.

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Anonymous said...

I object to the aggressive marketing on the grounds that for every $100 golf outing that's 100 patients whose prescription would be $1 less expensive. Drug companies spend huge amounts of money on marketing, and that cost is born directly by patients--the people who actually have to pay for all that excess.