Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dressing like a doctor, Part II

I mentioned in a previous post (Dressing like a doctor, Part I) my unsuccessful attempt to break free of the stodgy middle-aged travel knit look of Chico's into the young modern insouciance of Anthropologie. This weekend I tried a less ambitious attempt to look the professional part while out on errands.

I inevitably run into patients at my local King Soopers when I'm decked out head to toe in my son's hand-me-downs. One seventy-something patient, beautifully dressed for church in heels and a silk dress, eyed me up and down in produce and said "My don't you look comfortable." So yesterday I donned a blouse over jeans that actually fit, a necklace, and a touch of make-up, and headed for Rite-Aid and Sunflower Market.

Score! Ran into patients at both stores, and no need for embarrassment!

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