Saturday, July 01, 2006

Of crow's feet and liver spots

The patient should never be dismissed with glib remarks about growing old gracefully.
--Mary Ruth Buchness, MD

All right, sorry, no more glib dismissals out of me. I take back the "Buck up! Quit whining! Consider Helen Hays!" remarks.

Activity of the muscles of facial expression causes creases of the overlying skin, which become permanent after may years, much like the creases in unironed fabric.
--Dr. Buchness, again

Believe me, I take this unironed skin thing very seriously. If I put on my reading glasses and look in the mirror, I can even see these folds and puckers in my own facial linen. So that you can join me in the know, calling wrinkles and liver spots by their proper names, check out my fancy skin glossary at:

Skin Aging

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