Friday, July 14, 2006

Menopause Management, one of many magazines sitting in stacks in my office, periodically poses 'interesting clinical questions and dilemmas' to their Editorial Advisory Board. Last month, they asked "How have you changed your clinical practice since publication of data from the Women's Health Initiative?"

The WHI was the landmark study of older women and hormone therapy (HT) that rocked the world of menopausal medicine after its publication in 2002. Here' what two gynecologists answered:

Post-WHI, I no longer consider it mandatory to discuss HT with all menopausal women.
--Margery Gass, MD

Since publication of the first data from the WHI, I have spent more time carefully evaluating the literature in order to be prepared to provide a balanced view on the benefits and risks of HT to women and their family physicians--many of whom have benn confused by scary media stories.
--Robert Reid, MD

Which doctor would you choose to go to?

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