Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Turn your DNA into art"

The perfect personalized gift this holiday season--a work of art based on the recipient's unique genetic sequence. If you can only figure out some sneaky way to swab their inner cheek without raising suspicions, you then mail off the sample to Yonder Biology who will turn it into a "beautiful genetic image" on photographic paper, stretched canvas, or acrylic face mount at prices ranging from $99-$1,199. Add a "Me" t-shirt for an extra $34!

Whether or not you choose this route to self-expression, it's a fun web-site. Check-out:
Yonder Biology.

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Anonymous said...

If they also 'read' the dna, that would be perfect.
I have decided that Dr. House is kinda creepy, and a whore, since he is involved with Cuddy now, and now has a crush and lust for the new doctor he hired.
He is getting creepy.