Sunday, July 25, 2010

Duke wants picky eater info

Well, I've heard it all. The patient who ate her way past the benefits of gastric bypass surgery by eating a bag of Hot Tamales candy each day. A man who has eaten the exact same meal three times daily over the five years that I've known him. Another who drank 18 colas a day supplemented by cereal in the a.m. and a hamburger in the p.m. My daughter who scraped anything larger than a grain of rice off her tongue for the first 2 and 1/2 years of her life.

Researchers want to hear from you if you are an adult picky eater. Apparently, experts now classify this as an eating disorder, and they are seeking data on the effects of finickiness on health and social situations. Per Marsha Marcus, a psychologist involved with the study, "We want to define the boundary between normal weird eating and real problems."

Would you like to participate in the quest to find the cutting edge of 'normal weird' as it extends into 'real problems'? Log onto The Food F.A.D. Study and contribute to medical science.


doc said...

Thanks for the interesting post and invite to contribute to this burning problem in medical science, but I shall pass.

Mauigirl said...

Very interesting. Can't say as I'm picky - I eat pretty much anything, LOL! When I was a kid I was picky, though not to an extreme.

I would call my father-in-law a picky eater. Although he eats a balanced diet and is generally normal, he refuses to eat a whole raft of things that he admits he hasn't even tried:


He will eat blueberries and raspberries and apples. Don't know why he rejects all these other items.