Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winter vomiting disease

Lovely, huh? WVD is the UK name for the 1-2 day intestinal crud whose hallmark is...vomiting! And I can personally attest that it's a toilet-hugging disaster--been there hugged that all yesterday afternoon.

As noted in The Rocky Mountain News recently, WVD--caused by the norovirus (and rather picturesquely as the 'small round structured virus' or SRSV)--is currently epidemic here in Colorado. Here's what Brit SRSV expert Professor Steve Field had to say:

Generally you do not need to go and see your doctor.

Because, dear patients of mine, if you go and see your doctor with it, as about 10 of you did last week, she will get it too. That said, I finally got my son to call my doctor--the lovely and talented internist Adele Sykes--to rush over ASAP (leaving her Valentine's Day dinner party to do so) with a phenergan shot to put me out of my misery. Now I know why all of you who are her patients love her so--she was a veritable angel of mercy in a red sweater with a red band about her more or less reddish hair, and she certainly saved my sorry self from hours more of misery.

Maybe, then, we should have those of you who peel yourself off the bathroom floor to visit us with WVD sneak in the back door where a gowned and glove assistant will shoot you up too. And if you're too sick to travel, know that this too shall pass provided you don't pass out and break your head open.


Mauigirl said...

Oh, those bugs are the WORST. If I even hear of someone who has it or has had it in the last 24 hours I stay far away!

Glad your doctor was able to help. I usually just rely on Pepto; I'm lucky, it works like magic for me. Husband swears by Immodium but that doesn't do a thing for me.

Cilicious said...

After escaping it for years, I got that virus really bad in 2007.
I basically lived in the bathroom for a good long while until the virus finally was expunged (from just about every possible orifice.)

JeanMac said...

Oh, not fun.

Midlife Midwife said...

oooh, hope you have fully recovered...not fun!

femail doc said...

MLMW: Fortunately, it lasted only a day, and I've now seen others through it lasting 2 days max. Just spoke to a poor patient in Kansas on business hugging the hotel toilet. Now that's bad luck. She proposed heading back to Denver later today, I said "NO way!" Hope she can get to the pharmacy for the anti-nausea suppositories I ordered for her.

Anonymous said...

wow, does this mean adele will make a house call even on valentines day..... or is that just , neh,neh,ne,neh,neh... she will for me? ha