Saturday, May 17, 2008

The benefits of Deplin

I wrote about Deplin recently. Billed as a 'medical food,' it is an fancy new methylated version of folate that easily enters the brain. Being a good sport and an inquiring mind as well as a doctor, I thought I'd give it a try.

The downside of Deplin is that it does indeed interfere with sleep. On the plus side, however, I have noticed an increased ability to focus on loathsome tasks involving numbers. My theory is that I have been borderline low on norepinephrine, the lack of which makes me inattentive and anxious. This new source of methylated folate is, perhaps, hard at work promoting norepinephrine production in my aging brain.

I have not yet heard back from several patients whom I have started on Deplin. I hope that it will improve their response to antidepressants and decrease that lethargy that sometimes accompanies the use of SSRIs. This side effect may be due to a down-regulation of norepinephrine receptors in the brain.


Mauigirl said...

Thanks for letting us know about this - I may give it a try! I've always been a procrastinator and found it hard to get started on things or concentrate unless I'm under the pressure of an imminent deadline. Maybe this would help!

dorsey said...

I've tried deplin now for a couple of weeks in different patterns of use. I notice a definite change with this, days on to days off. On it I have more energy and I'm happier, though I still have feelings (it hasn't emotionally flat-lined me). I'm more likely to do the things I intend, as well. My sleeping has adjusted so I sleep better the nights following deplin days.

Until I can find a mega-dose in a non-prescription form (or at least to smuggle from canada), I'll endorse this for sure. (and I'll relate adverse effects if they arise)

mgreg said...

Deplin has significantly improved my life - fewer aches and pains, fewer fibro type ailments, am more decisive, it worked within days of first dose.

Anonymous said...

I never really realized how much Deplin helped me until I stopped taking it. I moved and every doctor I go to has never heard of it and doesnt know what to prescribe me in place of it. No one where I live now has even heard of it. Now I am tired all of the time..but sometimes cant sleep even if I am extremely exhausted..And Im getting tired of calling my doctor and reminding him to find SOMETHING for me in place of it.

concussionkate said...

I've been taking Deplin for a month due to the MTHFR gene mutation. I have just recently started having trouble sleeping. Did your sleep patterns restore themselves?


femail doc said...

Yes, but I was sorry to see that extra energy fade away.