Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lovely Confections in Denver

Sometimes a person has just got to indulge. When it's that sort of time, I tell my patients to make sure those calories are really worth it.

Lovely Confections at Colfax & Steele didn't get Westword's Best of Denver award for cupcakes for no reason. These little cakes are so rich and good they sent shivers up my spine. Alas, sharing two with a teenage boy meant less than one for me.


rlbates said...

But sharing them with the teenage boy (or in my case, the dog) lets you indulge with fewer calories. MmmmGood.

JeanMac said...

A Nanaimo bar does that for me!

Cilicious said...

I agree with Rlbates, I find teenage boys rather useful for cleaning up those extra calories.
Certainly sounds like a worthy indulgence.
Good old Colfax & Steele.
Goodfriends Restaurant is still there, I hope.

Femail doc said...

RLB: We had a dachshund/corgi mix several years back. Son brought home a soft taco supreme, set it on the floor while he went to get milk, returned less than a minute later to find that Skeeter had eaten every scrap, including lettuce bits. Teenage boy meets his match. If we had a dog now, I suppose I'd never get to eat.

Jean: I looked up Nanaimo bars on Wikipedia, complete with picture. I don't suppose they'd survive the mail...

Cil: Bad news. Goodfriends, our personal favorite, closes for ever May 13th. The space will be taken over by Annie's Cafe which must vacate current space as building at 8th and Colo. will be torn down to put up high-rise hotel!

Cilicious said...

What a bummer to hear that news.
Funny, I had some good breakfasts at Annie's, but every time we ever went there, the husband did not care for his meal (cold, over-cooked, whatever.) We always enjoyed Goodfriend's.
Wow, a high-rise hotel in that spot.
That's pretty interesting. Well, at least they'll have some tasty dessert available.

Mauigirl said...

Mmmm, wish I lived there so I could try them!

Our dog once grabbed an entire raw Porterhouse steak off the kitchen counter when I left the room for two minutes. When I returned it was gone except for the last bone. Luckily we had two so we had to make do with sharing one instead of each getting our own.

Cilicious said...

Colorado Blvd is really changing, isn't it? I think it's good that it is becoming more residential and less strip-mallish, even though the trickle-down effect has Annie's moving into good ole Goodfriends on Colfax. Aren't both restaurants owned by the same people?