Friday, October 06, 2006

Best of Denver 'There when you need 'em' Awards

I spent the entire afternoon on the phone today, calling patients or making calls on a patient's behalf. Gad it's hard to get service out of a specialist on a Friday afternoon; I sometimes think that Adele and I are the only ones holding office hours by week's end.

A special thanks then to Jody at Dr. Tom Reed's office who offered a prompt appointment to 'run both ends' (down the esophagus and up the opposite side) for my patient whose food was hanging up on the way down and on the way out. Also to Dr. Alan Synn who got a patient in without delay yesterday late p.m. for evaluation of a blood clot in her leg, then called me today with an update and an apology for not calling sooner! And to Dr. Friednash, the new lady dermatologist in with Dr. Meg Lemon who gave me phone advice on treating another patient's neck infection to get him comfortably through the weekend ("Just have him call me this weekend if he's having trouble."). And to Dr. Claudia Panzer, a delightful endocrinologist, who will actually see a patient within two weeks of their call.

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